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Handpicked Wildflower Bouquets - in season

Grown organically from seed, we create exquisite bouquets for any occasion.



We have three sizes
to chose from;

  • Classic, starting at $35
  • Elegant, starting at $65
  • Radiant, starting at $85



Wreaths starting at $45

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Our goal is to make you happy! If you are not happy neither are we.

Our guarantee, if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your money or replace your flowers.

Ease of Design:

Location is vital to the success of the Wildflower Garden!

A Sunny site – that is weed free and has well drained soil is ideal.

Maintenance is low.

Once flowers have been established they are generally drought tolerant, do not need to be fertilized and can be harvested for seed after bloom, dried and replanted in the fall. Some wildflowers will reseed up to 3 years!

Friendly to the Environment

Wildflower gardens attract birds, bees, butterflies and support native wildlife.

Wildflowers require less watering that other plants because they are native to the environment.

Wildflower gardens do not require fertilizer as they are adapted to our native soils.

Butterfly Gardens require four items.

Host plants that attract female butterflies who lay eggs on the plant and nectar plants that adult butterflies need for food, a sunny location, and water.


Call us for a consultation on where you should place your Wildflower or Butterfly Garden. We will custom design based on your needs and location.


We will solarize the area to get rid of weeds – this process takes approximately 4 weeks and does not require using pesticides. This is not required for Butterfly Gardens.


Planting – planting is ideal in the fall as it can take up to three months for Wildflower seeds to germinate.


Wildflowers! Wildflowers can begin blooming as early as February and last year-round with the right selection of seeds. Enjoy!

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My yard has been completely transformed! Thank You Robin! - Stephen D.
Red Zinnia Wildflower

Red Zinnia

Meadow of Wildflowers

Meadow of Wildflowers

Pink Velvet Pincision

Pink Velvet Pincushion

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Colorful Wildflowers

Colorful Wildflowers

Cute Cosmos

Cute Cosmos

More Wildflowers

More Wildflowers

Girlfriend Wildflower Bouquet

Girlfriend Wildflower Bouquet

New Wildflowers

New Wildflowers

Black Eyed Susan’s Among the Wildflowers

Black Eyed Susan’s Among the Wildflowers

Gorgeous Tones of Wildflowers

Gorgeous Tones of Wildflowers

Beautiful Pastels

My new wildflower garden not only is stunning, but I am also loving my new hobby! - Lillian G.

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Robin Feinglas, Master Gardener

Robin Feinglas


Horticulture and Master Gardening inspired flower design, formal training and voila the business was born!

We are event/wedding planners, former business owners and teachers who share a love of flowers and putting a smile on our customers faces.

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I am enjoying my wildflower garden very much... as well as the serenity! - Maria T.

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